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Gen Con Wrap Up 2017

We just returned from the largest tabletop gaming convention and we are here to discuss our favorite moments from this year. 

Highlights include this year's offering from The Oatmeal, the Indianapolis Fencing Club, and speed painting. 


San Diego Comic Con 2017

First, I'm still tring to remember how this whole editing thing works, so the sound quality isn't the greatest this episode. I appologize and will try to remember the correct settings for next episode. 


For our Comic-Con wrap up this year, we kept with the same format that we used for the D23 episode. We each came up with our top 5 moments/events from SDCC and the discussion ensues. Comic Con is always a good time, and this year was no different. 


Happy listening!



Season 2 - D23 Recap - Episode 1

It's been a long time, but we're back! Almost 1 year later, we are back with a new episode. 

We are recapping our favorite moments of the D23 Expo that took place in Anaheim, CA a few weeks ago. 

Thank you for giving us a chance to come back into your ears! 


Comic-Con 2 months later -Episode 117

We've been gone for a couple months, but we're back! This is our first podcast since we have returned from Comic Con. We recap what all we best as we can remember.

It seems that every year there are new challenges and new things to learn. This year was the year of celebrity sightings and Funko mistakes. We saw all sorts of celebrities and went to several off sites this year including Kevin Smith, Michael Rooker, and Tara Reid. While on the Funko side of things, we tried a few times to make it into their booth, but because of their new procedures we were unsuccessful. Time to take our notes and start preparing for next year!

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Summer Conventions - SDCC & Gencon - Episode 116

Two of the biggest conventions in the United States are fast approaching, and we will be attending them both! While they are two completely different conventions, we are looking forward to each one. First up will be San Diego Comic Con followed by GenCon in Indianapolis. We discuss our plans for each convention and talk a bit about what GenCon could yet become.

Finally, in this week's episode, we review Finding Dory. Stating that Chris really liked this movie is a bit of an understatement.

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Cedar Point…finally!!

After trying to get to Cedar Point for almost 20 years, I have finally made it! And it was amazing!!

This week we talk about our adventures at the Roller Coaster Capital of the World and the running event that finally made my dreams come true.

We also briefly touch on some of our upcoming plans for San Diego Comic-Con. Now that the big Cedar Point trip is over, Comic-Con will be here in no time!

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Turtles, X-Men & Funko Fundays

We went on a bit of a movie watching binge in the past couple weeks. We have seen Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, X-Men, & The Martian. We talk a little about each of these and have a discussion about X-Men, Captain America & The Avengers.

Also, this past week, Funko Fundays tickets went on sale. Each time I am involved with anything Funko does, I become less and less of a fan. This ticket sale was no exception. We talk about the madness that was and Elaine has an unfounded conspiracy theory about it all. :)

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GenCon Open Registration Madness - Episode 113

We are back after taking a week off. While we were gone, a lot has gone on. GenCon had their registration for the various events. We were pretty successful at getting the events we wanted, but others may not have been so lucky.

We also participated in the Evansville River Run. Chris actually ran it, while Elaine biked it...well technically she never started, but she really did ride in it. Tune in to hear all about it.

Thanks for listening. :)


Intro to Planning a Disney World Vacation - Episode 112

This week we start to take a little bit of a different approach to the podcast. We start off talking about Free Comic Book Day and briefly review Captain America: Civil War. After covering these topics, we veer off to talk about something we both love...Walt Disney World! 

We have taken countless trips to visit Mickey and are often asked questions about how to plan for a trip. We are starting to plan for our next short trip in January, so we discuss what needs to be done when planning a trip of your own.

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RunDisney Star Wars & Indiana Comic Con - Episode 111

We are back! After a couple week lay off, we are back!

First we start off talking about our most recent weekend trip to Indianapolis for Indiana Comic Con. Chris really enjoyed himself and met a couple of his favorite artists. 

Next, we spend the majority of the episode to talk about our latest trip to Walt Disney World and the Star Wars Dark Side Weekend. We ran the 10K and the 1/2 Marathon. While it was a good event, it was also an inaugural race, so there were some kinks that Disney needs to work out. While we started our trip with Star Wars, we ended our trip with Animal Kingdom and met Imagineer Joe Rohde!

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