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The Walking Dead & Daredevil Recaps

April 5, 2016

This has been an exciting week for us. First we finally finished season 2 of the Netflix series, Daredevil. Chris feels this show is better than any of the Marvel movies we've seen yet. While this show was pretty awesome, it was a tad confusing. The two story lines never seemed to come together, but the fight scenes were pretty epic.

Last weekend we got to meet Charlie Cox who plays Daredevil on the show. He was super nice, British, and had perfect vision. While he was great to meet, the main reason for attending St. Louis Wizard World, was to see David Tennant. Last year we put out a plea for Mr. Tennant to come to St. Louis and it looks like we were successful! :) While we didn't have much time to talk, Elaine said HI!

Finally, the season finale of The Walking Dead. I know a lot of fans are angry over the big cliff hanger, but it was a pretty decent episode. The introduction of Neagan was everything I had hoped for. While it would have been nice to know who got up close and personal with Lucille, it wasn't a terrible ending...just not what we wanted.

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