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Everything Is A Competition - Episode 110

Short episode this week as we are preparing to head off for vacation. We recap our events from last week, including the Garth Brooks concert in Louisville and the season 2 premier of Fear the Walking Dead.

Throughout some of the conversation, we learn that EVERYTHING with Elaine is a competition...and she must win!

As a reminder, we will not publish a new episode next week while we are on vacation.

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The Walking Dead & Daredevil Recaps

This has been an exciting week for us. First we finally finished season 2 of the Netflix series, Daredevil. Chris feels this show is better than any of the Marvel movies we've seen yet. While this show was pretty awesome, it was a tad confusing. The two story lines never seemed to come together, but the fight scenes were pretty epic.

Last weekend we got to meet Charlie Cox who plays Daredevil on the show. He was super nice, British, and had perfect vision. While he was great to meet, the main reason for attending St. Louis Wizard World, was to see David Tennant. Last year we put out a plea for Mr. Tennant to come to St. Louis and it looks like we were successful! :) While we didn't have much time to talk, Elaine said HI!

Finally, the season finale of The Walking Dead. I know a lot of fans are angry over the big cliff hanger, but it was a pretty decent episode. The introduction of Neagan was everything I had hoped for. While it would have been nice to know who got up close and personal with Lucille, it wasn't a terrible ending...just not what we wanted.

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Comic Talk - Episode 108

This week we talk about the latest episode of The Walking Dead. SPOILERS. With next week's 90 minute season finale, who is going to die!  Will it be Darryl, Glenn, Michonne, or Rosita? Next week could be interesting!

Unfortunately, we also saw Batman vs Superman this past weekend. Elaine thought it was just meh, while for some reason, Chris actually liked it. We have a...Lively...discussion about Batman, Superman, DC & Marvel.

Finally, we talk a little about Daredevil. We have watched all but the last episode of season 2. While Elaine is a little confused with what is going on, it pretty awesome show!

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Whoa! - Episode 107

We had a shocking ending on The Walking Dead this week. While some people may not have liked it because they thought it was too predictable, I feel that any comic book readers were completely taken by surprise. We have all the spoilers!

We also started the Netflix Daredevil season 2. We have only made it to about episode 7 or 8, but so far it is pretty awesome! We love the Punisher!!

Finally, we received a little bit of some disappointing news about our upcoming Wizard World St. Louis trip. The actress that plays Jessica Jones has cancelled therefore the photo with David Tennant has changed. We now need to scramble and change plans in order to see him.

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Stomach Like a Mogwai - Episode 106

We kicked off convention season this past weekend with Lexington Comic Con. This was a really good show with a variety of different vendors and booths. For the first con of the season, it will easily be my #2, right behind San Diego Comic-Con.

We also talk a little Walking Dead. This last week's episode was just...meh.

Finally, a new comic shop opened up in our home town. Chris had a chance to attend the ribbon cutting and we are both pretty excited about what the future may hold. The Secret Headquarters will become our home comic shop!


All the Stress - TWD & Convention Season - Episode 105

This week we review the latest episode of The Walking Dead. It was probably the most violent episode we've seen yet, but was so awesome!

This past weekend was also the kick-off to convention season. We discuss what to expect when you head out to a con and what to plan for.

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Bisquick and Pancakes - Thought Bubbles 104

While this week's The Walking Dead was a bit slower, we are starting to ramp up for something special. Who are we going to say goodbye to this season?

If you can't get enough of The Walking Dead on TV, you can meet several of the actors in person in Lexington, KY at Lexington Comic-Con. Some of the key characters include Abraham, Jesus, Hershel, & Fr. Gabriel.

We also briefly talk about the Academy Awards from last night. While it was mostly boring, Chris was pretty happy about all the Mad Max winners.


We’re Going to Comic Con-Episode 103

San Diego Comic Con tickets went on sale this past weekend and we were able to secure the days we missed out on during the pre-sale. Although we didn't get in quite fast enough to attend preview night, we got tickets for Thursday-Sunday. And as an added bonus, The5by5 will be attending with us!

This week, we also talk about the latest episode of the Walking Dead and the appearance of Richonne. Tune in to hear our thoughts on this episode and on Jesus!
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The Walking Deadpool - Episode 102

This podcast will be filled with all kinds of spoiler! You have been warned.

The Walking Dead is back with possibly the best episode yet! Eugene and Fr. Gabriele finally stepped up along with the rest of the town. Although I had a couple issues with this episode, it was action-packed and full of goodness. 

This weekend was filled with all sorts of dead...because we went and saw Deadpool on Saturday. It was violent. It was funny. It was awesome! FYI-don't bring your kids.



Super Ads ?? - Episode 101

In this episode, we review this year's Super Bowl ads and talk a little about the game as well. We talk a little about our favorite ads from this year and from previous years.

On another note...Walking Dead returns soon! We talk a little about some of the SPOILERS from the comics. 
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